About Us

Pass Move Grin was founded with one coach and one player and has grown to run different centres with some excellent coaches joining our staff. PMG is an award winning company that works with over 150 players per week. We currently run three sessions a week, working with players from 4-18years old, some of which have previously travelled  from Leicester, Derby, and Lincoln due to our values, reputation, and quality training. PMG’s philosophy focuses on building better people first  and foremost as this is the foundation of success, in life or sport. We use football as a method to teach life skills, such as the value of persistence, building resilience, communication skills, leadership skills and having a positive attitude. Our sessions are run for players to ‘Learn, Enjoy, Improve’, a motto of PMG that all coaches buy into. We at PMG have created a challenging but caring environment, where players are pushed to be better, more respectful, work hard as individuals and collectives, and are given the support network to ensure they achieve their own potential. Our coaches, some of which are the highest qualified in Nottingham, buy into our philosophy of developing people first and foremost, are all DBS certified, first aid trained and up to date with safeguarding procedures. PMG understand that to be a good footballer  you must be respectful, disciplined, hard working with a positive mentality, as well as technically proficient, tactically aware, and socially good. We work across all these areas in a holistic manner. We consider football to be a journey, where parents, players and coaches must work together. Players that show the right attitude and determination are offered trials at professional and semi-professional clubs, representing team PMG who travel to opposition academies to play games. From here  players can be scouted which can be the start of their academy journey, as it has been for over 54 PMG players so far. Further to this what makes  PMG stand out is the quality we deliver when coaching. PMGs training is  based around game understanding and intelligence, which help speed up development by putting the players in game realistic situations. We  ensure that all players feel included in the sessions and differentiate objectives to ensure appropriate learning for all.


Team Pass Move Grin